Interviewing my friend kimmy and danny about adoption

These or my friend's Danny and Kimmy with there two beautiful little girls they adopted Hope and grace love the names they are truly a beautiful family and I am glad to call them my friends.
Their daughters are so sweet

Q. Question 1 first question how did you know adoption was right for you?

 A. We had felt that God was leading us to adopt. We had prayed about adoption for a while but it had to be the right time. We had been married for 14 years and always knew that we wanted to be parents. We struggled with infertility and went through our own healing process from that.  It was then that we knew we were ready to help a child in need. We had first thought we were just going to adopt a baby and just one child but God had bigger plans for our family.  When we inquired about taking classes our eyes were opened to the huge need in the area for fostering hurting children. We decided after going to an informational meeting that we would open our home to sibling groups because the need was so great to keep the kids together.

 Q.  question 2 is adoption an easy possess to go through?

 A. To be honest...

There is nothing easy about the adoption process. There is a ton of training, paperwork, interviews, and red tape that you have to go through to become an adoptive/ foster parent. It takes time and patience to become trained and certified. This is hard and stressful but it is nothing compared to what the kids have gone through.  The kids are in huge need. They have experienced trauma and hurt that we can't imagine.  They need us to be the strong support system they didn't have before. The training is necessary and even the best training won't prepare for some of the obstacles you may face. The bottom line it is not simple but it is 1000% worth it!!!

 Q. question 3 do you have any advice you would give first-time parents who are looking to adopt?

 A. First I want to thank them for opening their hearts and homes to children who need them. Adoption is such a special blessing to both the children and the parents.  I would tell them to open their hearts and minds to expect the unexpected. Be open to change your way of thinking to meet the needs of the kids. Going into the journey you have one set of thoughts and ideas of what adoption will be like but as you get further into it you will realize that adoption concept has changed and it is personal for everyone, every child, every parent, every birth parent. The needs are different and the strategy changes. Parenting is different than a typical child who has not experienced trauma. It is a constantly changing learning process that will bend your heart and methods towards one common goal. Hope and healing to children in need.

 Q. question 4 how do you know when you are ready to adopt?

 A. We just prayed and trusted the Lord. God led us through it all and when it was the time we knew that we were meant to adopt our girls. Trust God's call for your life.

Also, I wanted to add that the journey doesn't end on adoption day. It is just beginning...the children will need someone who is understanding of the trauma they have faced. Someone who can look past the extreme behaviors and look at the whole child. A child who needs a patient hand of strength and support. Someone who can be their biggest advocate in life. An adoptive parents job is to love, nurture and guide the children through the healing process. It is the biggest blessing when you look into the eyes of the kids and see them flourish and soar meeting amazing milestones. That is why you choose adoption. God grew our family through adoption. I know he did this so that we could understand the magnitude of His love for us when He adopted me as His child.

 Q. question 5 do you think adoption is for everyone?

 A. I would definitely say NO. Adoption not for everyone. It is a calling and if you don't have that calling on your life you can still help a child. Help out a foster parent by becoming a respite care home. Provide meals, donate clothing, give of your time or monetary support. Most importantly be understanding when a foster /adoptive parent does something different than you would. Be an ear to listen when they are overwhelmed. Everyone can help children in need. You just have to reach out and look for opportunities to serve the families who are serving kids 24/7. Pray for them daily!!

 Q.  question 6 will you adopt more kids in the future?

 A. I feel like we are always open to it. We never know what plan God has for us. At this time our daughters need a lot of emotional care. I have always thought we will possibly get out home certified again and provide respite care.  It is a much-needed service for foster/ adoptive families that gives them a safe place for the children to go while they take time for themselves to refresh.

 Q. question 7 what is life like having two little girls at home know?

 A. It was definitely a change for us. We had 14 years of marriage before we got our girls. We had always been an open home to nieces and nephews and neighborhood kids that needed care.  It was just such an extra special time inviting these sweet little girls into our home to live. They came to us so curious so full of life and yet so sadly inexperienced with the typical things most kids would have experienced. They had never really been out to eat or to church, no Birthday parties. It was amazing experiencing those firsts with them. We had a lot of adjusting but it was a good adjustment.

Q.Question 8 what are some fun activities you like to do with your kids?

 A.We like to go to the park and play and the movie theater. When we are home the girls love to make crafts. We have craft bins and they come up with all kinds of creative artwork. It is a great outlet for them to use their imagination. We have also just started the girls out trying a couple team sports. They played basketball and soccer and loved both.

Q. Question 9 what are your girl's interests and hobbies?

 A They both love to color, do crafts and reading. They both love to read!! We like to visit the library and get new books to explore.

 Q. Question 10 what have you learned from adoption?

 A. I've learned that you never know what someone is going through in their love. Sometimes it is easy to judge a person by one encounters with them I have learned to take in as much information as I can and to be patient and give grace as much a possible. You never know the things that other people adults, children are dealing with in life.

Q.question 11 did you have a good support team when you were looking in on adopting the girls?

 A. Yes, we were very blessed with an amazingly supportive family, church family, and agency. We went through CCHO (Christian Children's Home of Ohio) now named Encourage. We were amazed at the support they gave us and so thankful to have their expertise along the path with us. Yes, we had so many people who prayerfully supported us. It was a huge blessing to know that everyone cares so much for our sweet girls.

 Q.QUESTION 12 Do you have anything else to say about adoption that I could add to the post?

 A. I think it is important to know that when God calls you to help a child you are going to be more than blessed just having a part in the healing and hope. We have been so amazed at the way God built our family through adoption. God is good!!

 This has been so fun interviewing  Kimmy and her family they have been my friends for a long time now and I am thankful to keep in touch with them even though I live so far away