how to keep you and your family safe.

how to keep you and your family safe.

Here are some ways to keep you and your family safe on the internet all social media accounts and in public.

There are so many evil people in the world today that are not who they say they are on the internet and some could be people using a fake account they could be sexual predators that you are talking to and scam artist so always be mindful of that when you are on the internet.

stay clear of chat groups are some websites that you  are not familiar with like gaming sites and some dating sites are not the best to go on because with all the crime shows I watch there is a crime show called the web of lies and you will be amazed of how many people fall for the lies that people tell them.

If you have children on the computer always monitor what website they are on who they are talking too and what games they are playing always be mindful of what your children and family are doing on the computer growing up we never had our own computer we all shared a computer to see what websites we were all on and what we were doing online.

Never give out your house address or your information out online also if you do not feel comfortable about who you are talking too you can always go to someone you trust and you can also block them so they won't see you are anything that you post.

When you are in public here are some ways you can stay safe as well never go along anywhere by your self always bring someone with you always watch out for each other and pay attention to your surroundings.

use a post office box for safety never give out your house address people love getting happy mail and gifts it smart to have a PO box that is what we are getting to because I love happy mail.

Never meet up with anyone you do not know that your meet online if you would like to meet up go somewhere in public never go to there house and never go alone always go with someone.

Never give out too much about your self online and always be mindful because like I said the internet can be so unsafe and there are so many dishonest and evil people in the world.

Always talk to your family about the dangers of the internet and set some rules about what websites they are allowed on and how much time they can spend on the internet parents don't be afraid to see what websites your kids are on and who they are talking too.

Always be careful of who your friends are some people can pretend to be your friend and don't care if you get hurt if you don't feel comfortable about meeting up with a new friend you can always bring someone with you.

You will always know who your will friends are.

Always carry protection with you like a gun or pepper spray anything that will keep you safe my friend Monica id very passionate about keeping families safe she sell damsel and defense products here is her website if you would like to order something.

Never tell someone you are home alone are where you live or where you work at or what school you go too. 

always make sure someone knows where you are and what you are doing no matter what age you are children listing to your parents they know what they are talking about.

Always keep your doors and windows locket never open the door to someone you do not know ask your parents first before opening the door.

Trust your gut. If a situation or person feels unsafe they probably are. You might be picking up on subconscious signals. Even if they are perfectly fine, it’s better to be safe then to get into a bad situation because you didn’t trust your instincts.
Always bring a can of pepper spray. This is a defense tool that can help you stay safe.
Stay away from strangers.
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If you are at a party or somewhere you do not feel comfortable being there follow your gut and call someone you trust to come and pick you up also be mindful on what you are drinking and how much you are drinking and never go along with anyone even if they seem nice.

Always bring your phone with you even if you don't think you will need it also never give money away to anyone you do not know and never give a ride or pick up someone you do not know.
Also never get in a car with someone.

I never go anywhere along it is just not safe I always bring a sister or my mom some or someone I trust to go with me.

Never give your name or number out to anyone you do not know and remember it is ok to say no to someone who you feel uncomfortable around be mean if you have to be that is what my mom always says.

Always make sure you talk to your kids about safety and not to talk to strangers or go with anyone and let them know to never take anything from a stranger keep an eye out for your family danger is everywhere even if you can not see them they can see you.

Teach your kids that if a stranger asks you to help them look for the there lost pet to get away from them. 

 teach them not to open the door to, anyone, even if they know that person and even if it is someone ask them for help. 
make sure your kids know that they should never go along with anyone without your permission let your kids no they need to come to you first.

Always keep your computer in full view so you can see your child's activity on the internet.

check your phone log and bills for unfamiliar numbers.

Limit your child's time online and consider installing security software that will allow you to monitor her activity online.
great tips from the internet.

some people are just sick in the head know in days filled evil and hate and they do not care if they hurt other people.

Here are some great websites to learn more about staying safe.

Enjoy reading hope this helps you by keeping your kids and family safe.