book review Let's eat together by Author: Reid Kaplan

Book review Let's eat together by Author: Reid Kaplan

This is such a cute little book for children it is about a group of animals that you never see eating together or spending time together, but when there is food at a table there is no reason eats or chase after each other. 

This book has a great portraying message for children;  It will teach them good healthy eating. 

What I like about this book is how it shows you and your family how important it is to eat at the table as a family I loved sitting at the table with my family growing up, being the oldest out of my sisters, I would help my mom set and clean off the table and helping my mom feed the baby and helping my sisters at the dinner table I have so many good memories being at the table with my family. 

This is a great book for children when I was a kindergarten teacher’s aid I would read to the kids they would have loved this story. 

A book like this would make a great gift for any child in your life they would love to have this book on their bookshelf and read to them at night. 

The best part about this book is it has awesome coloring pages in the back of the book for you to color and have fun with. 

I love the bright colors in the book and the cute little animals in the story the author did a great job writing this book he created this cute little book for his daughter Charlie that is so sweet. 

I got to interview the author back in 2018 here is the link so you too can read the interview. 

Enjoy reading Angelika.