Interviewing Author Alan Black

Interviewing Author Alan Black

Q1. Tell me about yourself what are your favorite books to read? 

A.  I am semi-retired. My journey into writing began in college.  My origin as a writer was that of being a song lyricist.  Over the years I have worked on many different projects covering a wide spectrum of musical genres.  As I continued writing for music it has resulted in my writing evolving into that of being a Christian writer as well. 
 I enjoy reading books based on the Christian faith and quite often find myself reading online different excerpts from articles and books daily.  

Q2. When did you decide you were going to write a book?

A. To be honest I was not planning to write a book. During my slow time in the mornings, I found myself doing what I call camping.  Essentially vamping for me is writing out my Essentially vamping for me is writing down my thoughts.  This began back in the summer of 2015.  As time went by I began sharing some of my writings with a friend.  My friend liked what I was writing and said that I need to write a book.  Personally, I did not see that as being possible.  But God continued to inspire and direct me in my writings to the point where I then took a step of faith to do my first book.  
My first book was released in the spring of 2017.  It was truly an act of God as I was being obedient to what He was calling me to do.     

Q3. How did you come up with the name of your books?

A. The title for the first book I believe fits the journey that I undertook to become a published Christian author.  “Here I Am Lord” was the perfect title.  Along with my journey, I began saying to the Lord here I am.  I made it a point to stop trying to understand why it was happening.  I simply said here I am Lord, willing to be of service and follow the calling that you had for me.  
My second book is entitled “In The Spirit Intended.”  My basis for this title is that all that the Lord is having me to share with readers is in the spirit intended.  My prayer is that what I share with them resonates in their spirit.  The second aspect of the title is that each of my writings is coming from an ordinary man. Not someone who is a great scholar, or expert.  But from someone whose writings are coming from the heart and by direction of the Holy Spirit in the spirit intended.   

Q4. What are you working on for 2019?

A. After releasing my first book in 2017 my plans were to move on to other things.  But my plans had nothing to do with the Lord’s plan.  From 2017 through fall 2018 God continued to have me write. Thus for spring 2019, I will be releasing my second book.  The title of the book is “In The Spirit Intended”

Q5. How long have you been writing? 

A. Looking back I realize now that I have been writing in some form or fashion since college.  Now that has been 40 plus years.  I might add that I have now also been writing for a Christian blog in Singapore for 3 years and as well another Christian website through my denomination starting in 2019.  

Q6.  What advice would you give other authors? 

A. the most important thing is to remain true to what you are being called to do.  Being faithful to your calling and moving on faith will never leave you alone in your journey.  

Q7. Where can people find you online? 

A. I am online on my website.
My first book “Here I Am Lord” is currently available on Amazon at
My second book “In The Spirit Intended will be coming out in the spring of 2019. 

Q8. Do you plan on making more books in the future? 

A. I am planning to continue writing as the Lord leads me.  My plans to release the third book by 2021 if it is the Lord’s will. 

Q9.   How many books have you written? 

A. I have now written two books.  My second book as I mentioned is scheduled to be released this spring.  

Q10. 10 did you go to college to be a writer? 

A. I did not go to college to be a writer.  My journey into writing I believe began with the English classes that I took which sparked my interest in writing.  From there it has continued to grow and resulted in my now proudly say that I a Christian author and blogger.     

I would like to say thank you to Author Alan Black for allowing me to interview him on my blog. 


  1. I love Sir Alan T. Black. He is a dynamic author and soul searching literary Christian angle. His works have blessed me tremendously!


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