My top ten family - friendly places to visit in myrtle beach.

My top ten family-friendly places to visit in myrtle beach.

1. On the list is Broadway at the beach this is the first places we visited when we moved to myrtle beach they have everything here little shops and restraints my favorite shop was yours and Mayan it is a cute little shop that sells purses and crafts as well as jewelry.

They have a feed the fish machine you put money in and fish food comes out and you can through the food in the water for the fish to eat I am posing by the machine because my last name is fish lol.

There is also a movie theater inside and different attractions to can do wonderworks is a fun science center and they have rides you can go on and a playground.

2. on my list is market commons it is beautiful there they also have different kinds of little shops to look at and many restraints to pick from they have this cute little crepe shop where you can eat different kinds of crepes and they have it decorated so cute like you are walking in Paris.

when you walk around you smell the sweet smell of honeysuckle It smells amazing and it is my favorite flower and scent.

3. on my list is family kingdom amusement park it is a little pricey but fun it is totally worth it and they have all different kinds of rides you can ride lots of roller coasters a ferries wheel and more.

They have games you can play and food stands it is a lot of fun my friends and I did not want to leave.

4. on the list is the sky wheel and the boardwalk the sky wheel is a big farries wheel you can ride on it is a lot of fun when you reach the top you can see over the whole ocean and boardwalk.

The boardwalk is a lot of fun they have a lot of different shops my favorite was the gay dolphin they have everything in that store all kinds of toys nick nacks and many other cool things there is a lot of food stands restraints and there are so many things to do there are rides you can go on and the Ripleys museum and a hunted house you can go through and so much more.

5. on the list is the Hollywood wax museum and Hannahs maze of mirrors. 

My and my family had so much fun here taking pictures of our favorite wax celebrities you can take as many pictures as you like the maze of mirrors was so much fun and pretty we all had a great time going through the maze together the goal is to help find the missing princess Hannah When you walk in there is a spinning tunnel if I remember right it makes you feel off balanced and funny with me having seizures and epilepsy I was fine going through some people may not we were warned before entering.

There is also a zombie maze just my sister and uncle went through the maze they have a brave soul I hate zombies so I don't like stuff like that but they enjoyed it.

Here is what my aunt Tracy said about the wax museum so you can read her blog post too 

6. on the list is the candy stores in myrtle beach there are lots of candy stores in myrtle beach you can find a candy at Broadway at the beach and barefoot landing in north myrtle beach.

The candy store I am at is called I love Sugar and it is on the boardwalk they have different kinds of ice cream and all different kinds of candies that you can only imagine the wall behind me in the picture that is all candy what kid would not like to go into a candy store.

7. on the list is Ripley's aquarium the aquarium is fun you can touch a horseshoe crab we went through the aquarium really fast I  wish there was more to see but it was fun and my friends and I enjoyed it.

They have a lot of fun places you can get pictures. 

there was a show going on when my friends and I  went we got a picture after the show by the fish tank and a scuba diver photo bombed are picture lol it was too funny.

There is also a dipping dot stand where you can get ice cream it was my first time trying them they were ok.

8. on my list is, of course, the beach you can not go to myrtle beach and not go to the beach.

 Myrtle beach it was my first beach I been too and it was my favorite beach there were lots of seashells and lots of wildlife and so many things to see and do there.
I love how the sand feels between my toes.

I loved hearing the waves and taking pictures at the beach I love reading on the beach and swimming in the ocean it was a lot of fun.

I loved the little fish that swim between your toes on the beach is a peaceful place and your family will enjoy the beach and enjoy making sandcastles and swimming I also loved laying on the nice warm sand.

my family and I loved Myrtle Beach. I found a lot of seashells there and we saw birds and dead jellyfish and more.

The beach one of the most relaxing places you could be when you are at the beach all your worry's and stress go away. I love hearing the ocean waves and feeling the wind in your face and smelling the salty air at the beach and feeling the sand between your toes and sand all of your body but man does it get every wear and it is hard to wash off.

9. on my list This is me when I was at north myrtle beach my family came into town to visit us so we went to north myrtle beach and I find a cute little 
 hermit crab rolling around on the ocean floor so I picked it up and showed my aunt what I have found don't worry we put it back in the ocean.

I was just so happy that day that I found a hermit crab and I got to spend time with my aunt Tracy and her family in north myrtle beach were they were saying in a condo there.

My family and I enjoyed north myrtle beach too it was peaceful there and there were a lot of seashells there too.

10. On my list is myrtle beach pelican game My family and I enjoyed Going to the Pelicans baseball game they have different food stands and a free picture booth you can get your picture at they even have costumes you can pick from.

When I saw this I had to do it my mom did not it was free so I asked and my little sister joined in one of the mascots the shark took my sister's popcorn and through it everywhere it was pretty funny.

I got the main mascots autograph Splash the pelican.

When you visit myrtle beach you should put all these on your bucket list to visit.

I loved living in myrtle beach there is so much to do there that you and your family have a lot of fun activities to pick from here are some more fun ideas I will share the link with you My aunt has some pretty good ideas too on her blog as well.

Enjoy reading and I hope this blog post Gives you some great ideas on your visit and vacation to myrtle beach.