interviewing children's author & illustrator sanghamitra Dasgupta

this it children's author & illustrator Sanghamitra Dasgupta I had the opportunity to interview her for my blog.

Q1. Well, I was quite a reader in my school days..My favorite books were always like ghost stories and comics, and when I became professional and started illustrating for books, I read so many books. That inspired me to think about the writing. After my job for 1 year as a school teacher, I permanently thought about to write children's book

Q2. Well When I started writing, I make sure to give the book a proper I came up with some name and finalize that

Q3. Well currently in 2018 till now my 8 books are being published. ( 4 books written and illustrated by me) and ( 4 books illustrated by me.) And There are like 3 or 4 more books to be illustrated by me and I am also working on my own next book's story concept.

Q4. Well, I am writing for the last 2 years whether I am illustrating since last 26years. So yeah this is a matchup thing

Q5. My advice would be always - make sure what are you writing? How will kids will react? how to make the story more interesting and also educative for the kids. So that will be a great book for them

Q6. Well people who are looking for my illustration works and services they can find me on Instagram

and if they want to read my books they can find me at

Q7. Yes I have some plans for it

Q8. Well till now I have written 4 books 🙂

Q9. No, I never went to college to become a writer, but yeah I did my professional artist course.