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Beaches i have been to and what i found and saw on the beach!

I have traveled so much with my family having a stepdad who travels for his job has been a blast and a blessing we have lived in so many places and got to see a lot of beaches this is me at myrtle beach.
we loved myrtle beach, I found a lot of seashells there too and we saw birds and dead jellyfish and more,

This is me when I was at north myrtle beach my family came in to town to visit us so we went to north myrtle beach and I find a cute little 
 hermit crab rolling around on the ocean floor so I picked it up and showed my aunt what I have found don't worry we put it back in the ocean.

 honeymoon island in Florida loved it there we saw so many cool things and I am carrying my purple bag to find seashells I love seashells I have so many that I collected know we saw a sea turtle there and some birds and fish and I loved the sea air and how it smelled.

 Hudson beach in  Hudson Florida that was beautiful too we went there for my sister autumns birthday we loved watching the sunset there and hearing the live music from the bars it was a fun and the weather was beautiful.

vero beach in Florida that was a beautiful beach and we loved watching the sun rise over the ocean we did not like this beach as much because we got bit by small bugs it is hurt but we loved the sunrise and the palm trees and I find some snails and we loved seeing the seagulls.

This is me and my sisters at Fort St. Simmons in Georgia it was beautiful there too I loved the cold and windy air and all that we got to see I loved the big rocks and the sound of the waves simply beautiful and relaxing.

  Me and my sisters at Sanibel Island we loved it there it is one of our many favorites the whole beach was beautiful and I found a lot of seashells there too we stopped at a restaurant and ate there and looked around all the little shops and I got to talk to a bird the talked back to me that was really cool, and loved seeing everything there was a old lighthouse there that was beautiful and my sister saw a sea turtle but I did not :(.  We would differently go back and visit make sure you stop at Pinocchio's Italian ice cream when you go they have really good ice cream.

Me and my sisters at Jensen beach in Flordia we loved it there too I found a lot of nice seashells there too and this lady gave me these big seashells she did not want anymore we saw a lot of birds there and all the beautiful trees and beautiful ocean I loved hearing the waves and relaxing they had a nice concession stand there too there tater tots were really good too. this was one of are favorite beaches as well.

I don't remember what beach this was but we loved it too we did not stay long because it started raining I loved that I got to see a live ghost  crab walking on the beach it is really cute and I found seashells there as well I am holding them in my hand and the ocean was beautiful and relaxing and I loved the decor on the walls as well.

We went past this beach called clear water in Florida really beautiful beach and it looked relaxing the beach was busy that day from what we saw and the water and sand was beautiful too. we went for a car trip in 2016 to   Panama City and beaches and the Emerald Coast and traveling to Clearwater and St. Petersburg and beaches! We all love the ocean and the beaches!!! we had a lot of fun exploring  and seeing new things,

We also went past bath tube beach in Florida but the beach was closed so we did not get out of the car just looked, 

We had a lot of fun at all the beaches but know we are back in Ohio and want to go back again but the lord has plans for use he always does and we loved seeing all the wildlife on the beach like crabs and all the different kinds of birds like seagulls and spoonbills and sandhill cranes and sea otters in our backyard pond and sea turtles and alligators in our backyard and a coyote that was coming close to me so I ran away lol. And I got to touch a turtle once that was cool and hand feed squirrels that were cool. We also saw some snakes and lizards and lots of snails.

Did you ever go to the beach what beach did you go too?
What was the coolest animal you saw at the beach? feel free to share beach members with Me share in the comments below

Enjoy reading Angelika


  1. It sounds like you had alot of fun making memories. The shells you collected are beautiful; so colorful and different. You sure have a great group of them; what a big collection you have! You have seen so many beaches in such a short time; you are very fortunate.

  2. great pictures looks like you had a great time

  3. You've had a LOT of good experiences in life. That was a fun post seeing the different beaches you've visited in the last couple years or so :) .I collect seashells too!


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