Spring Activity: Diy colorful bubbles and how to use simple house hold objects to blow bubbles.

Diy colorful bubbles and how to use simple house hold objects to blow bubbles.

This spring time activity is so fun to do and with the weather being beautiful and spring time here i have seen bubbles every were know at the store.

But i had fun making my own bubbles all you need is down dish soap and laundry soap mixed with water and to make them colorful add food coloring. Here is the recipe for the bubbles.

You can find simple house hold objects to use for bubble blowing like i found the spoon with the most holes worked better and a spatula. You can find more ideas on pinteret to use as well.
My little sister tried it too and she said it was fun.

Blowing bubbles is good for self esteem and is fun and enjoyable. 
It is calming and it build creativity by how different wands work and how big you can blow a bubble.

Pinteret has a lot of bubble activity's as well as spring time activity's for family to do together. I am so looking forward to doing spring activity's to share on my blog.

Bubbles are also good to keep you calm and they also make scented bubbles too that smell amazing. 

Blowing Bubbles has helped me with my ADHD growing up it helped me calm down and have good behavior and stay focused
it has also helped with creativity and having fun. 

I am a adult know and i still love blowing bubbles there is nothing wrong with that i know lots of adults that like to blow bubbles too blowing bubbles was not just for kids but adults too. They are calming and fun and i hope to get a bubble maker like a bubble machine some day that would be fun.

Bubble blowing  bring joy and happiness.

I am just so excited the spring is finely here and so is the spring and Easter products at the stores.

My favorite thing about spring is the flowers that is brings and the beautiful green grass. As well as the April showers i love watching the rain it makes me relaxed and tired. 

I just love how the seasons change and watch all of Gods amazing art work come to life.  And i love seeing all the cute baby animals being born and the cute fuzzy baby ducks.

Do you and your family like blowing bubbles?

What is your favorite thing about spring?

Enjoy reading Angelika 


  1. Blowing bubbles is alot of fun and now that I have the "recipe" for bubbles, I can make some for the grandchildren. I love the watch the bubbles float away when the wind blows. Thank you for sharing. This is a very nice blog!

  2. I love bubbles, and so does my daughter! We are going to make some of our own now after reading this, thank you!


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