7 Beaches you Should Visit On your Next vacation.

The first stop on my list of beaches to visit is honeymoon island in Florida.  It's a beautiful beach with white sand and lots of things to see and do my favorite was finding seashells my stepdad took this picture of me finding seashells.

The second beach on my stop is Hudson beach Flordia it is a cute little beach that is filled with white sand that is super soft and it is a very relaxing beach with a beautiful view of the ocean. 
There were no seashells there but it was still beautiful to see we went here for my sisters birthday that weekend.

The third beach on my list is Myrtle beach it was my first beach I been too and it was my favorite beach there were lots of seashells and lots of wildlife and so many things to see and do there.
I love how the sand fills between my toes.

The fourth beach on my list is Vero beach in Florida I and my family got up really early in the morning to watch the sunrise it was breathtaking I love watching the sun rise over the ocean.
We were not a fan of this beach the bugs were horrible and we got bite really bad.

The Fifth beach on my list to visit is fort st simons in Georgia
it is beautiful here and a must see. 
I and my family had a good time visiting it and they had a beautiful lighthouse and I loved hearing the waves hit the rocks.

The sixth on my list of beaches to visit is Jensen Beach in port st Lucie Florida. It is a beautiful beach and I found a lot of seashells here and my family loved coming here to this beach as well.
We would come to this beach a lot too and go to the concession stand to get food and drinks as well.

I saved the best beach for last and that is Sanibel island this is one beautiful beach with white sand and lots of seashells to pick from as you can tell from this picture I am in seashell heaven there was so many to pick from we had a blast. I wish we could have stayed there a little bit longer but it was getting dark.  

What are some of your favorite beaches you have been too?

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Enjoy reading Angelika 


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