Frugal Fashion shopping at thrift stores 2018

Frugal fashion shopping at thrift stores 2018

This week I went shopping at many thrift shops around my area was I live we I was on a mission to find cute summer outfits for my summer vacation me and my family are going on and let just say I found a lot of super cute clothing like t-shirts and blouses and capris as well as shorts.

We looked at church-owned thrift shops and the local Goodwill we have a favorite thrift store we love that is church owned and located in my area you can find cheap beautiful name brand clothing for a reasonable price and shop for used clothing is not gross because it's nice that you can find beautiful clothing.

The only clothing I would not buy is if the cloth is stinted or ribbed or really dirty but all the nice clothing I buy I was first before I wear them I like to do that with every store I buy them at.  because you don't know who was the last.
 I don't by used underwear or bras and that includes bathing suits.

The best part about thrift shopping is you are saving money and you are supporting a good cause and having fun shopping too. You can find a lot of wonderful things besides clothing like a sewing kit I found and some cute stuffed animals that you can wash at home I found a name brand teddy bear for 50c and a stuffed monkey for the same price.

What I like to do at the store is find the best deals like one time at the store I found earring for 50 cents you can't beat that so, of course, I bought them and I also found earrings for a dollar that is a really good price.

for clothing and accessories I like to shop goodwill and thrift shops my favorite thing to do at goodwill and thrift shops is putting together my own outfits that match and make me look good and feel good first I look for a pair of pants and a shirt to match that with a pair  of earring are  a cute necklace. 
I also like to look for cute shoes and a new purse at the goodwill and thrift shops too I have  found a lot of nice purses there too and shoes

Me and my sister and family love looking for good deals on clothing shoes and accessories and purses too we love shopping at places we know that we will find good deals and always think about saving money when you shop and if it is something you really need and what just sit in your closet are wear only once and forget about it.

Do you like to save money when you shop for clothing and accessories? what are some cool things you found on sale are a good deal? where do you like to shop? do you ever go to goodwill what did you find that you are happy about? would Love to hear what you say and would love to hear recommendations on where you shop and what you find.. comment below :)

Do you shop thrift stores?

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