Night to shine 2018

Night to shine 2018

Night to shine is a prom for special needs people to make them feel special it is a red carpet event it is worldwide and it's all over some time and date Tim Tebow started the event it is a Christian event that allows special needs feel special and that they are wanted and that Jesus loves them and we are all kings and queens in Gods eyes. 

Night to shine was amazing it was my first time going to I was so excited when Adam asked me to go to prom with him he is diffidently my prom buddy we have been to every school dances together and we love getting all dressed up and we love to dance together. Adam looked very sharp in his tuxedo and this was the first time he wear a bow tie it was super cute I loved it.

A friend of mine from myrtle beach saw that I was looking for a prom dress she sent me one she wear to a wedding once and it was very kind of her to do that it was a beautiful dress and mom did some TLC on it for me to add my own touch she laced up the back of the dress for me and turned out beautiful and different and unique.

I had so much fun getting ready for the prom leading up to the prom I decorated my own shoes with lots gems and bling they were a hit at prom with all my friends and other people liked it too.
my mom did my hair and make up for me for prom she did the amazing job my hair was beauty and the beast inspired.

There was so much to do at prom we walk the red carpet with people clapping there hand as we walked there was also hair and makeup touches limousine rides that take you around the church I have never been in a limo so it was a fun experience. There was also karaoke and they made balloon hearts hats and animals and a popcorn station and the dinner was very good they had a taco bar that was really good and of course dancing lots of dancing me and Adam had a lot of fun doing all of this it was a lot of fun. We both got buddy's for the night all guest had a buddy my best friend Tina was my buddy for the night we had a lot of fun and Adam had a buddy too. they also gave out wrist corsages for a girl and for the boys it was boutonnieres. 

At the end of the night they crown a king and queen my buddy and friend Tina put my crown on for me and  Adams buddy put his crown on him after the prom they give out gifts backpacks photo frames and cups and bracelets it was truly a night to remember.

Also for the boys they had a shoe shine table and they had lots of photo booths it was so much fun and I loved going with Adam he is the best prom date ever I love him and I know he loves me too we will always be a part of each other lives for years to come he is the best person and friend that I could ever ask for and he makes me feel very special and put a smile on my face.

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Enjoy reading Angelika