Book review: My little traveler series The BeeDog by Addie Broussard

I got this picture for the book on Amazon to do this review.

Book review: My little traveler series The BeeDog by Addie Broussard  

This is just a cute little book about a girl named Cora her and her neighbor Manny they in bark on an adventure to the beach in Carvalho beach in Portugal.

Cara and manny found the most amazing thing on the beach as they were making a sandcastle they came up with the cutest idea to make a cat in the sand manny brought with him toilet paper to us for the cat to make it look like the cat was playing with it and making a mess.

Manny fell on his sandcastle and he had toilet paper all over him there in the sand they see something moving under the toilet paper he moved the toilet paper and there it was a bee like creature that looked like a bee and acted like a dog digging in the sand when Cora ad manny got back home they search the internet for the insect they found they start typing in everything they saw at the beach they typed in beedog the first thing that showed up was dogs wearing bee costumes.

The next thing they looked up was bees that shovel what come up was a bee holding a shovel the next thing they looked up was bees on the beach that shovel sand on the beach.

Did they find what the mystery bee was Yes they did it is called a sand wasp it was not a bee at all.

Read the book to find out more about the bee wasp.

This book is a very educational and filled with great information on a bee wasp and why they dig it will also teach your kids how looking up different animals and insects will help them learn more about them.

I really enjoyed this book not only will it teach your children but it will teach you as well I love these kind of book that teach you about different insects.

I was so honored and glad i was able to do this review on my blog it is a really cute kids book that I know they will enjoy.

This is a great book to read to your students in a class room at school and homeschooling there is so much to learn from this book when I was reading this book I never new that there was so many different kinds of bee wasps.

This book is a great story the author did a amazing job the pictures are just so beautiful and the book is fun for all ages to learn as well.

I was a kindergarten teachers Aide and I did story time this is differently one of the books i would have added to my reading list to read to them. 

This is also a great book to add to your child's summer reading log.

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Enjoy reading Angelika