Book review: Tied IN By Anthony Tucker

the author shared this picture with me.

Book review: Tied IN By Anthony Tucker

This is a cute little story about a little boy named tuckie who finds a necktie and uses his imagination to use it for different things that he created in his mind and imagination to play around with it.

 the illustrator and author did an amazing job on the pictures and the story in this book the story and pictures are wonderful.

I really enjoy this book because of the way the little boy found a way to have fun with a necktie and used his imagination to have fun with it and use it for many creative things.

Your children will love this book from the cute story and the beautiful colorful pictures it will help your child learn and understand that using there imagination is ok.

When I was a kindergarten teachers aid I did story time and the children would have loved this story this book would be great in a classroom library and on your child's bookshelf.

I like at the end of the story they show you how to tie a necktie I think everyone should learn how to tie a necktie.

I was very happy when the author asked me to review his book for him the story made me smile.

I would defiantly recommend this cute little story to all children of any age and ability reading is an important part of a child's life and reading can help your child use there imagination.

I like how the little boy in the story used a little necktie to play with and use his imagination to play with it.

Here is a little bit about the author he sent me so I thought I would share it in the review.

My name is Anthony Tucker ‑ I am a public school teacher based in the South Bronx, where I teach Pre-K Students. I am also the author of a book entitled A Rocky Start. The idea to write this story was inspired by my students. They had and still have few examples of success stories around them, and rarely get to read stories where the character hails from an environment like their own. That’s why I thought that telling them my own story would give them inspiration and motivation to keep going, as I essentially come from the same background as they. It's been one year since I released the self-published project. During this year the book has gained recognition that I would have never dreamt possible. It has won a 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Award, it has been catalogued in the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, it has been featured in the November subscription of the "Just Like Me Box," an initiative to promote diversity in early childhood literature, and most recently a 2018 International Book Award finalist.  
After self-publishing A Rocky Start and reading at events across the country, I was inspired to write more. I try to help out in my old neighborhood as often as possible because I feel that kids from impoverished neighborhoods need to see people who are somewhat successful in supporting them and sharing their experiences. I am planning an event that focuses on showing young black men and boys the importance of knowing how to dress professionally. Upon planning I found out that there's a surprisingly high rate of individuals who do not know how to tie a necktie and feel like this is an important skill to know. And this is where the idea for creating this book came about. It’s called ‘Tied In’ and in the story, Little Tuckie finds a mysterious piece of fabric, and as he tries to figure out what it could be, his imagination transports him into a world of limitless possibilities. All thanks to a simple, symbolic everyday item. 

Here is the author website where you can learn more about him and learn more about his books.