Book review: You are different by Davon Clark

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Book review: You are different by Davon Clark

This is such a cute poem book for kids it talks about how everyone is different and not the same as someone else.

What I like about this book is that it shows people telling you that you can't do something but if you read the story.  they showed them that they were wrong and turned out great that is how we should look at it too when someone says's you can't do something are brings you down show them you can.

The author did an amazing job writing this book that has a powerful message to it that we are not all the same were are different in our own special way that is how God made us he did not make us the same.

We are different from the head down to our toes and being different is not wrong.  

 Someone may say no, but it's up to you to say yes.

I think it is cool that we are all different because if everyone was the same life would be sad and boring.

This is a great book that will differently help your child learn and accept everyone that's different because everyone needs a friend and someone to cheer them on in life and build them up. 

This is a great book that would be great in a classroom library and on your child's bookshelf.

When I was a kindergarten teachers aid I did story time this would have been a great book to read to the kids they would have loved it.

The illustrations in this book are amazing I love the artwork and the colors I really did love this story it brings hope to anyone that they can do anything if they set there mind to it.

I would recommend this book to teachers and babysitters and parents.

I liked this book I hope to read his other book as well they look good too.

This is a great book for anyone of all abilities. 

You Are DIFFERENT is based off an inspirational poem turned into an easy read children's picture book. 

The poem tackles the five senses through an African American lens, all while celebrating the differences which make you, YOU! 

Here is some information about the author he sent me his bio.

Davon Clark has 17+ years of experience and training in the educational and entertainment field; Obtaining two NAACP Image Awards for his work on TV One's critically acclaimed docu series UnSung and working as an educational instructor in Philadelphia, PA, Bronx, NY, Los Angeles, CA and Camden, NJ. Davon holds a bachelor's degree in Communications and Theater from Temple University, coupled with his international studies in London, England at Northampton University which prepared him to strive in his many accomplishments including the development of ADC Kid. Davon currently sits on board of a non-profit called AHHAH (Arts Holding Hands and Hearts), and in 2018 was rewarded the Martin Luther King, Jr. Freedom Medal Award for the work he does in the community. Davon also continues to serve as a Therapeutic Support Staff to autistic youth. 



Here is some information on the websites you can read more about the author and the ADC kids.
Davon Clark is the author 
ADC Kid, Making Moments that will last for a lifetime
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