Interviewing Author of the EDO BLOOD Series.

*This picture represents one of my proudest moments (it went on my FB page).  My high school Creative Writing teacher, Patricia (Deery) Kurtz, still lives in KC and I found out she lives right around the corner from me.  When EDO BLOOD - Book I came out, I hand-delivered the first copy to her.  She's listed second, right under my Mom, on the Acknowledgements page and I signed her copy with this:
"Patricia (sorry, you'll always be Miss Deery to me),
Thank you so much. This book would not exist without your dedication and encouragement. You saw that whatever-it-is-that-writers-have in me and fanned the flame. I'm sure many of your students can cite examples of why you're a great teacher, but this is mine.
Thank you so much!
Don R. McCann, Jr."

Q.1 when did you decide you were going to write a book?

 A. Around 1992, I think.  That year, I was invited to a vampire role-playing game.  Part of that was to write a brief character sketch of the person I'd want to be if I played.  I decided not to play, but couldn't get my character out of my head.  I wondered how a person like that would come to be a vampire.  Where was he from?  Japan.  Where did he learn to fight?  He was a samurai.  How did he become a vampire?  He was killed in battle and his Daimyo ordered his court wizard to bring him back.  Every question led to another question and soon, I had his whole life story.  Then I thought, "This would probably make a great book..." and the rest is history.

Q.2 how did you come up with the name of your books?

A. My story takes place during Japan's Edo period, in the 16th century.  I've always had a fondness for things Japanese and that was a pretty significant period; a lot of my favorite Japanese things came from that time.  'Blood' refers to vampires, of course, but also the types of connections established in the story.  A family is important in the story, the blood of battle figures prominently, as do the historical bloodlines.  I wanted something short and catchy, that encompassed everything I was writing about, so "EDO BLOOD" was perfect.

Q. 3 what are you working on now for 20 18?

A.I'm doing the final proofing of EDO BLOOD - Book II (part one).  I should have it to the publisher's in a month, or so.  The series, as originally planned, was going to be a trilogy.  However, as I neared what I thought was the end of Book II, I realized I wasn't even halfway through what I had planned for the book.  It was either make it almost 1000 pages or split it into 2, so the choice was pretty clear.

Q 4. how long have you been writing?

A. I've been writing since high school, really.  I took a Mythology class and Mr. Dalzell liked everything I did for the writing portion, so he suggested I take Creative Writing the next year.  In that class, Ms. Deery was very impressed with almost everything I wrote.  She kept telling me I should publish my assignments, but I never did (I kind of thought she was just being nice).  I discovered I had kind of a knack for storytelling.  After high school, I didn't write very much but, when I did, it was always well-received.  I found it (poetry) a very effective device for enchanting children and wooing women (Mr. Keating --Robin Williams-- was right!).

Q 5. What advice would you give other authors?

A.WRITE!!!  Writer's Block is just a question waiting to be answered.  If you find yourself stuck for...well, for anything really, ask questions.  Start general, then get more specific.  There is an unlimited number of questions to be asked about any given situation.  Pick one and start there.  For example, you want to write a story about a truck.  Old, or new?  Color?  Running, or not?  Driving, or parked?  Who's driving?  Are there passengers?  Urban, or rural?  Even as I write these questions, in my mind, the story is already changing.  If I was to write a story about a truck, it wouldn't be so much about the truck, but the truck's relationship with its owners.  Eventually, I'd reveal the truck was alive, after a fashion, but the truck would never choose to reveal that to anyone until....well, that would be spoiling.  :)

Q 6.  we're can people find you online?

 A. If you type "EDO BLOOD" into a Google Search, you'll find me, but here are the direct links: (buy the book and read the 5-star reviews!) (my EDO BLOOD website, which contains a lot of additional info) (my page on my publisher's website) (my Twitter page) (EDO BLOOD's FB page) (Smashwords Author Profile) (5-star reviews!)

Q7 do you plan on making more books in the future? 

A.Of course.  EDO BLOOD could easily spawn two, or three more series.  I also have five, or six other story ideas just waiting to be written.  My favorite is another vampire story, but with an awesome twist.  I've already started it, but I'm trying to finish EDO BLOOD first.  I have a werewolf story, too!  It's probably my second favorite.  I plan on writing until I can't anymore.

Q 8 how many books have you written?

A. To date, just the two EDO BLOOD books.  More to come, of course. 

Q 9 did you go to college to be a writer?

A. No, I'm just naturally blessed with a vivid imagination and a head full of words.  I seriously can't turn it off now!