interviewing children's author Roxanne stephenson

This is children's author Roxanne Stephenson I got to interview her and I enjoy it.  

Q1. when did you decide you were going to write a young adult book?

A. I was inspired to begin writing children’s books when my eldest son was around three years old. He suddenly became scared of numerous things; storms, shadows and the dark. So I was inspired to write a book that empowered the reader with positive self-talk and the strength of God to ease common childhood fears. This book is simply titled, “I’m not scared!” 

Q2.  how did you come up with the name of your books

A. since my first published book, I am continually inspired by my two highly imaginative children. They are always dreaming up new characters and fun adventures that I can write about.

Q3 what are you working on now for 20​18?​

A. I am working on my second book, titled Ordinary Hero which follows a young boy who travels the globe to save animals in trouble. The plan is to have the book available for purchase in November 2018.

Q4. how long have you been writing?

A. I have been writing since high school but nothing of too much significance. I did, however, get the privilege to have a poem published in a compilation book titled “A celebration of young poets-Michigan 2002”

Q5.What advice would you give other authors?

A. In my short experience, I have a few tidbits of advice to offer fellow authors. Always have a plan for your book; the publishing, the marketing, and the selling your book. I hit many hurdles in this area. A number of my initial marketing plans fell through due to the religious aspect of my book. My marketing plans are fluid, constantly changing and yours should too! Also, don’t let a “no” get you down; believe in yourself and your work. 

Q 6. we're can people find you online?