interviewing children's author Stacy Bauer

 when did you decide you were going to write a book?

 enjoyed writing since I was a child. I became a teacher and had 2 children, but I've always wanted to write a book, so last year, I took a leave from my teaching job and took the leap to become a published author!

Q.2 how did you come up with the name of your books

I wanted to write about something I know a lot
 about, so my books are based on my 2 children. I wanted to use animals for the characters because I thought then every child could relate to the characters. I chose kangaroos because they are cute, can jump high and get into things and can put things in their pouches The series name is "Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too" because my kids are named Cami and Wyatt and "kangaroo" and "too" rhyme. I made a list of things my kids have done, as well as the lesson it could teach. I started with "too many sweets", because sneaking treats
were something my daughter Cami started doing pretty young (3 years old!).

Q. 3 what are you working on now for 2018? The
 next book in my series is called "Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff" and it's about my daughter hoarding things and not being able to find anything in her room. I feel this is an issue many kids have and a lot of parents are dealing with. Q 4. how long have
 you been writing? Since I was a child. Q 5. What advice would you give other authors? Do a little every day. Find other authors to support you (there are many)- join author groups on Facebook. Do your research! Read everything you can find about marketing-
 that's the hardest part! Q 6. Where can people find you online?

my website: facebook: instagram: 


 do you plan on making more books in the future 

Yes- I have a list of ideas for my series of children's books.

Q 8 how many books have you written 


Q 9 did you go to college to be a writer

No, I have an elementary education teaching degree and a master's degree in
 math education, however, I have taken many writing classes, both in high school and college.