cherry pop and popcorn Eiler Candy Shop Dover ohio.

This is not an Eiler candy store picture I found this picture free on pixabay.

cherry pop and popcorn Eiler Candy Shop Dover Ohio.

Growing up I had a tutor for school she would take me to her camera shop they had she was a family friend she also tutored my aunt Victoria as well her name was Paul we loved her she was a good teacher she helped me with math reading and writing she worked with me for as long as I can remember she was very patient with me to have ADHD and other multiple health problems. 

There is this little candy shop in Dover Ohio my family and I just love they have different kinds of chocolate and the best popcorn ever as well as these salted fried peanuts and other peanut products we did not go there often but when we did it was a real treat.

My tutor would by me cherry pop and popcorn if I did a good job on my school work every day she would walk me to the candy store and I would get a small bag of popcorn and a cherry phosphate they are really good

She would also bring cookies and if I did a good job on my school work I would get a cookie I must have been excited because I started running around the shop going cookie cookie cookie we all laughed it is still funny to tell this day

When I drink coco-cola vanilla me and my mom agrees that it brings us back to the candy shop days to get cherry pop and popcorn.

My grandpa would stop at the candy store on his way home and get a lot of yummy treats and hide them in his cupboard so know could touch them but he shared them sometimes it depends on what it was.

The candy shop in Dover Ohio is called Eiler Candy shop if you ever go to Dover Ohio stop there and get candy or a cherry phosphate.

They have so many yummy chocolates and candies nuts and other many other yummy treats I would defiantly give this place 5 stares and you would not be disappointed any chocolate is good lol :). 

I love candy stores but this is the one that makes me happy and fills me with heartwarming fells of my childhood walking in to get a butter small bag of popcorn and a phosphate cherry pop.

If you ever find your self in Dover Ohio stop and check this little candy store out you will love it.

What is the best candy store you ever went to let me know in the comments, please?

Enjoy reading Angelika