interviewing Author Joe Melillo

interviewing Author Joe Melillo 

Q.1 when did you decide you were going to write a book?

A. Well, first I have to be upfront about the fact that I'm primarily a songwriter, and my Parker The Platypus series of children's books are based off songs I wrote and recorded.  When I got the inspiration for the first song, I just knew that it had to also be a children's book, and I had that in mind as I was writing the words.

Q.2 how did you come up with the name of your books 

A. That was part and parcel of the inspiration that hit me when I first conceived of the song.  The way I describe it is that the song has existed since the dawn of time and it chose me to give it form.  I woke up one morning and randomly thought:  "the platypus doesn't fit into the animal kingdom very nicely.  Why hasn't anyone written a song using a platypus to demonstrate how hard it is to fit in with other kids?"  I knew the title would be "(name) The Platypus".  I looked through a list of baby names until I found a P name that wasn't too common.  "Parker" fit the bill!!

Q.3 what are you working on now for 20 18?

A. Unfortunately, what I'm working on now is finding a new day job!!  I've been unemployed for five months, and my artistic pursuits have to be put on hold until I find a job!!

Q.4. how long have you been writing?

A. I've been writing songs since about 2007-2008.

Q.5. What advice would you give other authors?

A. Don't do it for money.  Self-publish if you must (as I did), but don't expect to make the money back that you spend on doing so.  If you're like me, the artistic process and the praise you get from your fans is payment enough!!

Q.6.  where can people find you online?

A. My Website:

Parker's Website:
Parker on Facebook:

Q.7. do you plan on making more books in the future 

A. I wrote and recorded a whole album of Parker The Platypus songs where all but the three that already have books can be made into books.  My art staff (my niece Sam) has retired, but I've got other nieces and nephews waiting to audition for the role!!

Q.8. how many books have you written

A. The Parker The Platypus album has 13 tracks on it.  That's potentially 10 more books.  I'm also tooling around with the idea of writing a weight loss book, outlining the strategies I used to lose 114 pounds.

Q.9. did you go to college to be a writer

A. No, I went to college to be a computer programmer.  If anyone knows of anyone looking to hire an IT guy, please get in touch with me!!