nineteen best books for children


50 best books for children 

Book number one on the list is charlotte's web by EB white,

I love this book I fall in love with all the characters in the book my favorite character is the goose she is so funny  I have read this book so many times and it never gets old I know your children will love it too and they too will fall in love with the story.

Book number two on the list is Green eggs and ham By Dr. Suess.

I love this book it is so cute growing up I would read this to my mom every day and to my sisters, it was my first book I ever started reading one time my mom made me and my sisters green eggs and ham just like the story using green food coloring we were not impressed haha.

Your children will fall in love with this story as well from the funny wacky characters and the cute story and bright colors.

Book number three is The angel with one wing By Patricia Moore.

I just loved this book my friend wrote this cute little story about an angel who only had one wing I loved the story and the characters it the story is about kindness and friendship I Had the pleasure of reviewing her book for her She is also my pen pal too I look forward to reviewing another new book to be watching that will be on the blog soon.

Your children will also love this book too from the cute little angels and the story, as well as the friendship and the heartfelt, story.

Number four on the list is sally Goes to Ireland By Mackenzie Cox 

This is  a cute little story about a little girl goes on her very first plane ride to Ireland where she is looking for a beautiful rainbow hoping she would find a pot of Gold but she found a leprechaun she made friends with a cute little leprechaun called Leo that she forget all about the pot of cold because she made a new friend. 

I loved this little book and I am so Glad the author allowed me to review it your children will love this story too and enjoy the adventure it will take you

Book number five is Disco Balls of the universe By Imani Ariana grant and Shaneika Burchell-Karr.

Disco Balls of the Universe was written by my 9-year-old daughter, Imani Ariana Grant. 

It is a cute story About what is beyond the sky from a 9 years old point a view of the universe the stares the sky and mars come and explore with the characters to find out what is beyond the sky in this story you will learn about the solar systems in a fun way that your kids will love this book make learn about your solar systems fun.

I was so glad I got to review this cute storybook it makes me smile and your child will love it too.

Book number six is monkey business By Romy HS

This is a cute little story about monkeys what kid does not like monkey books This is so cute about to monkey sisters one older one small and like all little sisters they follow around the big sister and wants to do anything the big sister is doing I can so relate being the oldest out of my three sisters we all copied each other  that just because we loved each other and looked up to one another.

Just like the oldest sister asked her parents why does she always copy me the answer the parents gave her was because she loves you and looks up to you and thinks you are the best.

I really liked this book because It reminds me of me and my sisters growing up and I was glad I got to review it and your kids are going to love this book too.

Book number seven is  The beauty in are differences By Anysia Martin 

This is such a cute book with a beautiful story written in a way that will teach your children about how different people can be and that is ok they are still the same person having something different in your life is how friendships are made if everyone was the same life would be boring.

I like this book because it talks about everyone is all different in there own way in the story there is a boy who loves music and if you look closer you will see he is in a wheelchair to some people that would be  different but to a friend, he is just Leo  

This book has such a powerful message too it about how to accept people in all walks of life it will teach your child how to love everyone and accept everyone even if they are different then you I was glad I got to review this book.

Book number eight is  Tied IN By Anthony Tucker

This is a cute little story about a little boy named tuckie who finds a necktie and uses his imagination to use it for different things that he created in his mind and imagination to play around with it.

 the illustrator and author did an amazing job on the pictures and the story in this book the story and pictures are wonderful.

I really enjoy this book because of the way the little boy found a way to have fun with a necktie and used his imagination to have fun with it and use it for many creative things.

Your children will love this book from the cute story and the beautiful colorful pictures it will help your child learn and understand that using there imagination is ok.

Book number nine is Webby The Scaredy Cat: Tails of Winning (The Adventures of Webby Book 2)  by  Webby and Nancy Poe 

This is such a cute little book about a cat named webby that was afraid of everything going outside hearing loud noises he was afraid of everything.

His mind was always thinking about something that could go wrong like being hit by a car facing a bobcat. webby always looked out the window at the other cats playing but was afraid too. 

Then one day a beautiful cat named kitty adorable asked webby do you what to come out and play he was afraid too then all of a sudden a dog came and chased the cat up the tree in this event webby learned how to be a hero take courage and not be afraid he remembered the words his dad said you are a lion, not cat.

This is a great story on how a cat overcame his fear and this can teach your kids how to overcome their fears and how to have courage.

Book number ten is Viola Moves To Music Town By Melinda Logan

This is a super cute story about a musical instrument named Viola who is afraid to move away to a new home this story will teach little kids that it is ok to move away.

The author did an amazing Job with this cute story and the illustration is so cute.

The author Melinda did a great job by teaching your children that you can make new friends in a new town I love the cute little music instruments in the story.

Book number eleven is One tiny turtle By Christina Van Starkenburg

This is just a cute children's book about a little sea turtle not only can you read this book to your kids but you can color the pictures with them too.

Book number twelve is If We All Looked The Same by Mark Tomlinson

This is such a cute little kids book that teaches kids that it is ok to be different and not everyone is the some the author's friend Ishika Sharma reached out to me on facebook and asked me to do this book review.

The author did an amazing job on this book the illustrations in this book are so cute and very beautiful the author used DW Publication the lady that asked me to review this book she works for this company.

I like how in the story the new student is different she has wings and the other bees do not but they all accepted her for who she is and not what she looks like.

This book is something that is really important to teach your child not everyone is the same we all look different in some ways and act different but that is a good thing because God made us all different and unique in are on way.

Book number thirteen is weird and wacky creatures  by K.B. carr

This is such a great educational Book that is filled with fun pictures and I love books about animals.

Reading this book sure is fun I never know that there were some weird creatures in the world and in this book the Author will show you some really weird and interesting creatures. 

This book is incredibly fun and as well as entertaining I loved it this book is a great read for all ages and full of interesting facts the author did an amazing job writing this book.

In this book, you will not only see the weird animals you will also read some interesting facts about the animals and there are some fun craft projects you can make that has to do with the animal.

You and Your children are going to love this book you are not going to be disappointed I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves to read about animals and I have learned a lot about different and weird animals from this book.

Book number fourteen is You are different by  Davon Clark

What I like about this book is that it shows people telling you that you can't do something but if you read the story.  they showed them that they were wrong and turned out great that is how we should look at it too when someone says you can't do something are brings you down show them you can.

The author did an amazing job writing this book that has a powerful message to it that we are not all the same were are different in our own special way that is how God made us he did not make us the same.

We are different from the head down to our toes and being different is not wrong.  

 Someone may say no, but it's up to you to say yes.

I think it is cool that we are all different because if everyone was the same life would be sad and boring.

This is a great book that will differently help your child learn and accept everyone that's different because everyone needs a friend and someone to cheer them on in life and build them up. 

Book number fifteen is My little traveler series The BeeDog by Addie Broussard  

This is just a cute little book about a girl named Cora her and her neighbor Manny they in bark on an adventure to the beach in Carvalho beach in Portugal.

Cara and manny found the most amazing thing on the beach as they were making a sandcastle they came up with the cutest idea to make a cat in the sand manny brought with him toilet paper to us for the cat to make it look like the cat was playing with it and making a mess.

Manny fell on his sandcastle and he had toilet paper all over him there in the sand they see something moving under the toilet paper he moved the toilet paper and there it was a bee-like creature that looked like a bee and acted like a dog digging in the sand when Cora ad manny got back home they search the internet for the insect they found they start typing in everything they saw at the beach they typed in beedog the first thing that showed up was dogs wearing bee costumes.

The next thing they looked up was bees that shovel what come up was a bee holding a shovel the next thing they looked up was bees on the beach that shovel sand on the beach.

Did they find what the mystery bee was Yes they did it is called a sand wasp it was not a bee at all?

Read the book to find out more about the bee wasp.

This book is a very educational and filled with great information on a bee wasp and why they dig it will also teach your kids how looking up different animals and insects will help them learn more about them.

I really enjoyed this book not only will it teach your children but it will teach you as well I love this kind of books that will teach you about different insects.

Book number sixteen is Kitten & Butterfly Kitten and Friends Volume 1 By Aviva Gittle 

This is such a cute story I love the friendship between kitten and butterfly it is so cute.

The Author did a great with this story by telling children that you don't have to do the same thing as someone else to be friends friendship comes in all sizes and shapes not everyone is the some yet you can still be friends.

The pictures in this book are so cute and very colorful the illustrator did an amazing job on the colorful pictures that children will fall in love with as well as the story. 

This book would Have a great lesson to teach your child and that is how to be kind you too can learn from this book as well Parents should read this book to there kids.

This book has a very kind message and it is a very heartwarming story to it the kitten in the story is so cute this story made me smile.

I would say this book is great for all kids especially little one at a younger age that will understand what kindness and friendship really is.

Book number seventeen is the Junie b johns books By Barbara parks.

Barbara's books are so cute and funny we grow up reading every book my sister Sierra just loved reading these she had every one of those book being homeschooled my mom would have us read and we loved reading we would go in our rooms and read or outside and read we just loved reading.

your children will love these book as well and the will fall in love with them too.

Book number eighteen is the froggy books By Jonathan London.

I loved these books growing up I would read them to my grandma and my mom we all liked them including my sisters they sure are funny and sweet all at the same time your children will like this too as well and they will laugh along with the story as well. My favorite was froggy bakes a cake.

Book nineteen is the rainbow fish By Marcus Pfister

This is a cute colorful story about a rainbow fish we loved this story growing up too me and my sisters really enjoyed this book and so did my mom you really is a cute colorful storybook.

your children will love this one too and so will you.

The last book is  Penelope the lost Pelican By Penny Beevor

This is such a cute book about a pelican named Penelope who always wanted to fly fast just like her parents she always said wait for me to her mom and dad Penelope's parents glide through the air to there nest Penelope flies to fast and she missed the nest she is lost and know she can not find her mom and dad.

Being scared that she can not find her parents she started going to the beach by sea looking for her parents there she spotted a dolphin floating on the surface of the sea Penelope says hello dolphin then she asked the dolphin what is your name she asked? The dolphin whistles with a sweet melody and kisses Penelope.

  the dolphin asked do you have a name? I think you might have a name she says as she waves her little her little wing at her she named her new friend dolly Penelope sings The dolphin does a triple back twist.

Then Penelope and her new friend dolly set on a new adventure to find her parents they looked every were and talk to so many pelicans then she heard a fishing boat and she looked under the boat and there were her parents stuck in the fishing net under the beat will Penelope and her new friend dolly find a way to save her parents?

Read this cute little children's book to find out

the story has such a good message it will help and teach your child how working as a team can be a big help it can also teach them that working with a friend can be very fun.

 with this book you too can go on an adventure with Dolly the dolphin and Penelope the pelican this is just a cute book to read to your children at night or at story time.

I hope this helps you find a good children's book that your child will love I love all these books.