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Reading can take you on adventure

The Books I got at the library today

Books can take you on A adventure 

when I was little my mom had my sisters and I read we loved to read we would like reading fancy nancy. Junie B Jones. and more can't remember all of them we were always reading every day in our rooms. outside on the porch. anywhere really.

When I got older I was not really into reading much anymore I loved just watching movies but I really got excited about reading again when I started doing book reviews I love going to my public library I would get books but never read them lol.

Know I can't wait put a good book down and I enjoy reading A good book and doing a book review on it The reason I am doing this blog post is that I would like to show you how books can take you on an adventure and how reading is good for you.

Reading can take you on an Adventure By helping the prince fight the dragon to save the princess or by helping the prince save the princess from the dragon and the danger.

When you pick up a book you are already ready to go on an adventure through another time or a new fun place running through the jungle with all the characters in the story having magic powers to help fight the bad guy you will be amazed at what an adventure of a book will take you.

When I walk into my public library the first place I got to is the books To find my next Adventure to go on And I always look forward to going home putting on my comfortable pajamas and start reading on my bed at my library I can check out 21 book that is a lot of reading but that is fine with me.

Another Good reason to read is to help you pass time and not be so bored it can help you think and grow your mind and gives you a happy feeling when you get out a new book to read and return it to the library it get a new book out when you have a library card you can pick out as many books and go on many new adventures. 

From the movie, love comes softly When you read you can have every the pages of a book, you can be anyone you ever dreamed of being... They can never tell you-you're too young to slay the dragon---because it all happens right here where you are safe. 

When you read you be anything or anyone you want to be you can pick out a book that you like there are so many there is fantasy!  brave knights, mythical fairies, ferocious dragons!

everyone loves and good adventure, of course, brimming with wicked demons, cutthroat pirates,

Or you like the Horror book evil demons, wicked monsters, hunted houses. graveyards there are books for everyone of any age and any size. 

From the movie the pagemaster, a library card is a passport to the wonderful and quite unpredictable world of books!. think about it what adventure would you have had if I brought you here with a turn of a page?

Growing Up reading rainbow was my favorite movie It still is today it makes you want to read after watching this take a look it in a book a reading rainbow I can go anywhere friends to know and ways to grow a reading rainbow.  

I also liked between the lion's books are all great in there own way that is so true everyone has a favorite and that's ok not everyone likes the same kind of books go to your library and pick out a good book.

Reading can help you spell, read, write, it helps you with thinking and can take you into a whole new world of fun. laughter. and many new adventures to explore.

Bedtime stories are wonderful family traditions my mom would read to me and my sisters every night before bed it was our favorite we would take turns picking out a book for her to read every night reading at night is quality time with your kids. reading to is a great way of learning for your child.

reading helps develop a child's language skills and helping them use there imagination, as well as there creativity that is why you should always read to your kids to help them grow and mature reading, is so good for your kids let them read and go on many adventures.

Reading is like something you never did before by picking up a book you are saying yes to a new adventure meeting new character meeting the author and entering a whole new world.

Getting a new library card is so exciting for you and your children going to the library helps your child want to read more reading is brain food and it is so important for any age.

By going to the library you and your child can get more book than ever and you are exposed to more books and magazines as well as moves then buying them at a bookstore so you are saving more money than before.

Libraries are so fun they have different library activity and programs for any age for young children there is a lot of books to pick from. books to choose and they offer so much fun for free like story time helps you child reading come to life and by helping them what to read more my mom took me and my sisters to story time and library programs when we were little too.

My aunt Victoria and I would go to the adult library programs all the time it was so much fun my whole family would go to library programs too. 

we always enjoy the library programs they had programs for teen me and my sisters enjoyed going to the teen programs there were also programs for kids and adults it was always fun and enjoyable.

Daniel Woodrell Said I'm not from the movie world I am from the book world.

Noah Hathaway, there are things in the book you could never do in a movie.

Seth Grahame-smith what makes a good book and what makes a good movie are to a totally different thing.

Beauty and the beast Here is where she meets prince charming but she won't discover that it's him till chapter three.

I Won't adventure in the great -wide somewhere. I wanted more then I can tell for once it might be grand to have someone understand. I want so much more then they've got planned.

Do you like to read? 
What do you like to Read let me know in the comments below





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