Essential Oils And why I am crazy about them

 Essential Oils And why I am crazy about them.

I am excited to do this blog post! I have been using essential oils since January knows when I got an essential oil diffuser at Walmart on sale it came with two bottles of essential oils lavender and peppermint. 

Right now I am a diffusing lemon, lavender, and peppermint I love combing different essential oils together, it is a lot of fun, you can find a lot of essential oil ideas on Pinterest. 

I have noticed since I started using them I feel calmer and relaxed I sleep better and have fewer epilepsy headaches there are so many reasons I use them One is because of my epilepsy I cannot have candles or tart warmers in my room and some scents and candles give me a horrible headache, but an essential oil diffuser is the safest to have in my room plus my diffuser turns off by its self when the water is low. 

My favorite essential oils are peace and calming by young living I also like peppermint, lavender, and lemon and cinnamon and calming chi I would love to grow my essential oil collection and try new ones my grandma just sent me Christmas spirit by young living it has a very nice scent. 

There are so many uses of essential oils that I did not even know about making sure you check out Pinterest for essential oil ideas there are so many you can also make things with your essential oils like essential oil rollers I just heard of those from a friend she has been making them for her family can’t wait to learn more about them and maybe one day I can make my own. 

Before I forget My aunt Tracy makes this essential oil lotion she uses different essential oils to make them like peppermint and lavender what I like about the lotion is when I and my family go on long car trips I put a little of the lotion on my hands it calms me down and helps my anxiety a lot it also helps when I have a horrible headache. 

The other reason I started using essential oils is that I am trying to go all natural with pain relief instead of going to pain MEDs all the time when I can it also depends on the epilepsy headache. 

I used to be not interested in essential oils.  I started using them and I am in love with them I let the oils do their work and help with my health there are some essential oils I can, not use because of my epilepsy so I have to be careful. 

There is the essential oil for children and adults just make sure you use your judgment as a parent to make sure what essential oil is right for your kids also check with your doctor too. 

I can use essential oils for all kinds of things cooking and pain relief and headache relief anything the possibilities are endless Pinterest like so many Ideas check it out. 

My aunt told me something interesting people in the bible used essential oils for all kinds of things there are essential oils mentioned in the bible like frankincense, myrrh, Samuel used olive oil and poured it over souls head olive oil is mentioned in the bible a lot of cinnamon is also mentioned in the bible too. 

Let the oils speak for themselves find the best ones that work for you and your family there are so many scents to try to so many brands out there that you can find essential oil I found some at tj max and Walmart a friend of mine send me some sample to try from young living my family uses and sells young leaving my sister Savannah sells Scentsy they too have oils know can’t wait to try them. 

I just really enjoy trying new oils and added a few drops to my diffuser the make a nice scent. 

Do you use essential oils? 

What are your favorite essential oils to use do you have a favorite brand you like to use? 

Please post your answer in the comment below. 

Here are some websites about essential oils: 

Here is my little sister Savannah Scentsy website you can check it out to see all the new oils Scentsy sells know and there many other wonderful products. 


  1. I must try these! I find candles give me headaches too, and I can't take pain medication. Thanks for writing about your experiences with them, Angelika.

    1. you are very welcome I just love them they have all different kinds of scents


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