Having A Family!


for where your treasure is your heart will be also- luke 12:34

Having a family is the best thing ever there is nothing like it I am blessed to have a family As I look at my family we are not perfect there is nothing like a perfect family we have our difficulties we cry we laugh but we work it all out together. 

A family is not a place, or home is it a group of people you love and enjoy being with you can live with a mom and a dad or your grandparent’s a single mom and dads they are always family. 

 I have three sisters is a mom and stepdad and a pet guinea pig I am so thankful to have my family I have a very large family with a lot of aunts and uncles and cousins my grandparents had 9 kids so when we all get together we take up the whole house and enjoy ourselves. I would not give up my family for anything I am very lucky to have them all in my life. 

I may not live close to my family at all we live in different places all over but it is important to keep in touch with the family God gave you. you could write letters and Skype or face time the possibility is endless. 

Growing up, it was just my mom and sisters and me my dad was not always around so we did a lot with my mom we had so much fun together there were good times and bad times like any other family has the bible verse above is so true where your heart is at-will show in your family my moms most precious treasure I see is Her heart she is a beautiful woman of God who puts herself first before anyone else she makes sure we eat and have everything we need she gives us rides when we need them without complaining she has been there for me and my sisters when we are sick growing up and now she has gone through so much. 

Having two daughters with epilepsy and losing a baby my little sister Hannah and with my dad not being around she took everything on herself to make sure we had everything we need. she homeschooled me and my three sisters plus my cousin who lived with us at the time she has a great heart and hope to have a heart like hers and my grandma I admire them both for their love for the lord and for their love for a family. When my mom homeschooled us she helped us with bible study and writing bible verses, we would go everywhere on field trips we were never just at home we were doing fun things. 

My sisters are all special to me they are beautiful gems What I like about my sisters is we all look out for one another and we all have different personalities that are what makes us all special we each have different gifts that the Lord had blessed us with my little sister Savannah who also has epilepsy she loves art she makes beautiful paintings my sister autumn loves to write she could write all day on her computer she is a wonderful writer but she won’t let us read her stuff she writes haha too funny right my sister Sierra loves to color in her adult coloring books. 

My mom loves to sew she makes beautiful things she has a wonderful craft room with all kinds of wonderful supplies and sewing supplies I love watching her so she has gifted hands. 

My family is everything to me I know when the going gets rough we will always have each other to build each other up that is what family does. 

Having a family is wonderful we look after each other and care for one another that is what Jesus had in mind for a family to do. 

We are to love one another just as Jesus has loved us are friends are family too in Christ Jesus once we get saved and Ask God into our hearts we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this, all men will know that you are my disciples if you love one another" John 13:34-35. 

What is your family like? 

Let me know in the comments below. 

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