Accidents Happen!

Accidents Happen!

Accidents happen to the best of us. 

 I feel like I make more Accidents than my family does and every time I cause an accident to happen I beat myself up every time I feel like I can’t do anything right I tire myself down every time I make a mistake. 

But I also have to remember that accidents happen to everyone, not just me like tonight I broke are guinea pigs water bottle, so we had to wake our mom up at 10 pm to go to Walmart with my sister to find another water bottle I felt so bad. 

I am thankful Walmart was open, and they could find a water bottle Accents will happen and it’s how we handle them that really matters. 

My grandma used to say to us there is no need to cry over spilled milk it is a very true saying accents will happen there is no need to beat yourself up over spilled milk it was taking care of letting it go.  

I have to remember that accidents happen and there is nothing we can do about it it just seems like I brake more things than anyone else but I know that is not true that is what Satan wants us to feel like we can’t do anything right he wants us to talk bad about our self but God reminds us we will make mistakes in life we will have difficulties and have accidents but I am always how we handle it that really matters God always gives us comforting words to remember when it seems like nothing is going right in our life just remember you are not alone. 

I am thankful to have a family that helps me when I need a comforting word and reminds me that accidents will happen just to be honest and don’t worry about it things break they get old that is just part of life, not everything lasts forever so don’t beat yourselves up when accidents happen. 

Accidents will happen. However careful you try to be, inevitably, some unfortunate or unforeseen events will occur. found on Google. 

Accidents happen in life you can’t pretend that you live in an accident for world accidents happen to anyone of any age young and old All you can do Is pray that God helps you through it. 

You can’t keep accidents from happy it is part of life it is how we grow and learn and not make the same mistake again and if you do you just move on my mom said something tonight that was a good idea that we should buy two water bottles for our pet to have on hand just in case one breaks there is always a solution to a problem. 

No matter what accidents you have in life you can always ask for Gods help in getting you through them accidents come in go but you don’t always have to hang on to them God can help you through anything in life I believe that is why God gave us family to help us grow to lean on them when things are going wrong someone to talk to and love of God is also a great father to have in our life.

Words of wisdom just because you make a mistake does not mean you are a mistake you are just a person who Jesus loves you are a child of God we all make mistakes in life don’t keep holding on to them let it Give it to go he will comfort us in good times and bad times he is always there 24 seven so you can call him at anytime day and night. 

I mean let go of the accidents you make move on in life don’t worry about it or hang on to it mom always says learn from your mistakes and you don’t do it again it is that easy. 

If you have questions about how to let things from your past stop you from enjoying a new life and how to go to heaven and ask God for forgiveness, ask I will be happy to answer questions. 

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