Interviewing Brianna Johnson.

Interviewing Brianna Johnson.

Q1. Tell me about your self what are your favorite books to read?

A. My name is Brianna Johnson and I'm a mystery, crime, suspense, and thriller writer. I have three amazing kids and a wonderful fiance. They motivate me to be awesome every day and are what keeps me going. I also love animals. Currently, I have two dogs, a rabbit, a snake, and thirteen fish. 

My favorite books to read are anything mysterious or suspenseful. A few of my favorite authors are Beverly Barton, Lisa Jackson, Sylvia Day, and Meredith Wild. 

Q2.when did you decide you were going to write a book?

A. My writing journey began a little over two years ago. I got the idea to write a book when finding one to read proved to be a challenge. I was more than an avid reader because I read more than 2 books a day. Finally, I got frustrated and decided to write my own. To my shock, I finished it and it was my first published book, Framed. 

Q3. How did you come up with the name of your books?

A. The Framed series consists of three books. They are mystery, suspense, and crime. I got their name because of the storyline of the books. Each book is about someone being framed for crimes they didn't commit. It describes the events they go through to clear their names.

Seven Shots got its name from within the book. This thriller is a page-turner, to say the least. It refers to a girl whose the world is turned upside down and she is now faced with being hunted. Ten people go out but only three come back alive. When they hear that seventh shot, it's the indication they have survived through that day hunting ritual. 

Q4. What are you working on for 2019?

A. In 2019 I have been very busy. Its already been so successful for me and it's not even halfway through the year. So far I've started teaching writing workshops in class and online, my new book (The Book Club Killer) is set to come out soon, and my book Seven Shots was just announced that it will become a movie soon! I'm so excited about the crew I have backing me and the short film they are dedicated to making. It's going to be an epic year by far. 

Q5. How long have you been writing?

A. My writing journey began two and a half years ago. 

Q6. What advice would you give other authors? 

A. This is a hard question for me because there are so many answers I could give to this. The biggest advice I could give is to be true to yourself. Don't write for anyone other than yourself. When you force your work for others pleasure it will show in your work. It could also be a downfall to your inspiration and love for writing. Just be you and everyone will love you. 

Q7.where can people find you online?

A. I'm on Instagram @briannajohnson4917

To get behind the scenes about the movie check out my film crews page on FB

Q8. Do you plan on making more books in the future?

A. Of course! I'm always writing and don't plan to stop. 

Q9. How many books have you written?

A. So far I've written five books and I'm currently working on my sixth. 

Q10 did you go to college to be a writer?

A. I didn't go to college to be a writer. I didn't find my love for writing until two years ago and I followed my dreams from there.