Independent app review: The Best Bible App For Kids.

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Independent app review:  The Best Bible App For Kids.

Hey, Parents, I Would Like to Share This wonderful Bible App for Kids that you can download for free in your app store.

  The Bible app for kids is new by youversion And it is completely free.

This bible app had interactive adventures and animations kids got to have fun exploring the bible. 

I got this info on the app page to show you all.
easy, kid-friendly navigation 
It has colorful illustrations 
touch-activated animations 
Engaging, interactive content that will bring the bible to life.
Fun facts and activities designed to help kids remember what they have learned 
special challenges that let kids earn rewards.

Your kids will learn and have fun reading the bible and learning about God All in the fun Filled app.

I like this app too I have been learning a lot from it I also have been enjoying playing the games on the app as well.

I think this app could also be used as a bible study tool for you and your child have them repeat to you what they have learned from each story. You can also have them memorize bible verses as well.

I wish they had apps like this when I was growing up I would have loved it and my sisters would love it as well and my many cousins.

This app is great for any age I read that 2-year-olds love this app  as well
Here is another Fun Idea Have your kids re-tell you the whole story that they have learned make it fun for them you kids can also learn key points.

You can also add a song or  a memory verse after each lesson I read A mom does that with her kids and they love it,

You can go to this website to learn more. website
Bible support:Https://

youverison is in partnership with onehope,

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Life.curch  is the Developer.
info on their app page.

I Gave the app 5 stars and I left a review on the app Under 1greencow1 There is another review from a mom on the bottom of the app page as well.

This app has everything you need to full in love with God's word Please download this game for free on your phone in the app store. I am telling you your kids will love it I Highly recommended.

Enjoy playing and having fun with Gods word
Enjoy Reading Angelika 

This blog post is not Sponsered this is an independent review all opinions are mine.