Interviewing Author Evelyn Mann

  Interviewing Author Evelyn Mann

Q1. Tell us about yourself. What are your favorite books to read?

A. I am a special-needs mom, author, and blogger. I enjoy reading memoirs and fiction based on a true story. As a child, I enjoyed reading the Nancy Drew Mystery series. I also adored The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by C. S. Lewis. My favorite non-fiction book for book marketing is Platform by Michael Hyatt. 

Q2. Where did the inspiration to write come from? 

A. After I had my son. He was born with a rare form of dwarfism called Thanatophoric Dysplasia. The medical books state that this diagnosis is “not compatible with life.” The challenges we faced and the hurdles we overcame reminded me of movies I’d seen. So, I wrote a book to share the amazing survival of a boy who overcame all odds to become a miracle. 

Q3. How did you come up with the titles of your books? 

A. The title of my memoir is Miracle In My Living Room: The Story of a Little Mann. My son spent several months in the hospital. The challenge was to bring him home. There were many days I wondered if the doctors would release him. Considering his diagnosis, it would take a miracle to have him in my home, to have him in my living room. That’s how I came up with the first part of the title. The second part is a play on my last name, which is Mann. Little (dwarfism) Mann seemed a perfect fit. 

Q4. Anything you're currently working in 2019? 

A. I am working on a Second Edition of Miracle In My Living Room to include new information and a never seen before drawing depicting a dream from the book. My new devotional, Living Beyond Your Impossible: Devotions of Faith, Hope & Prayer is expected to be released later this fall. In it, I share how I lived through impossible circumstances by leaning on faith, hope, and lots of prayers. My heart is that it will inspire others to grab onto God in the midst of their trials, whatever they may be. 

Q5. How long have you been writing? 

A. I wrote on the high school newspaper and even had a couple of travel articles published in the local newspaper as a teenager. So my love for writing has been lifelong. I started by writing journals and reading as many books as I could get my hands on. However, as a young woman, I never felt I had enough material to fill a book. Then my son, Samuel, came along. Now I had more than enough to write about but I needed the time to get everything on paper. This process took four years. Then came the arduous editing and finally publication. I had an amazing book launch and sold 76 books on the first day.

Q6. What advice would you like to give to other authors?

A. Never give up. Keep at it. Even if you only write a couple of hundred words a day. I wrote 60,000 words telling every detail. I had to get the whole story down and then go back to omit the excess. The final product was around 40,000. I’d also encourage going to a local critique group. I am a member of Word Weavers where on a monthly basis, I bring 1500 words of my work in progress to be critiqued. Having other people read your work is especially helpful to catch what you miss. And finally, I’d say going to a writers conference is truly rewarding. You not only meet other writers who can share your struggle but many conferences offer the opportunity to meet with agents and publishers. Plus the classes offered to help you hone your craft. 

Q7. Where can we connect with you online?

A.  My website is at 

My blog is at 


Facebook at 

I also write a column called The Bloggers Guide at 

Q8. Do you plan on writing any more books in the future? 

A.  Yes, I’d love to write a children’s book and a fiction novel based on my father’s amazing life which was filled with adventure in WWII.  

Q9.How many books have you written?

A. Miracle In My Living Room: The Story of a Little Mann is my first book. My second book is a devotional, Living Beyond Your Impossible: Devotions of Faith, Hope & Prayer which is coming out late this fall is my second book. 

Q10.Did you go to college to be a writer?

A.  I have an Associates in Arts degree in English; however, the craft of writing has been learned from years of practicing by writing journals, online articles, blogging and dedicated hours of compiling a book. The Word Weavers group has also helped to hone my skills and offer great critiques. 

I would like to say thank you to Evelyn Mann for allowing me to interview her on my blog. 

I am reading her first book know Miracle in My Living Room: The Story of a Little Mann I will do a review on her book when I am finished reading it.