Interviewing Author Phyllis Entis

Interviewing Author Phyllis Entis

I became a novelist more or less by accident. I was a microbiology major in college, graduating
from McGill University (Montreal) with a Bachelor of Science and the University of Toronto with
a Master of Science. I spent the best part of 40 years working in the area of food safety.

Although I didn’t turn to write fiction until after I (sort of) retired, I have been a writer my entire
professional life. I’ve written scientific reports, sections for encyclopedias and food safety
manuals, and even a couple of textbooks. In 2011, I started to attend a drop-in creative writing
workshop at a local library. I published my first novel in 2015.

The inspiration and title for my first novel evolved from a writing prompt I was given during one
of the workshop sessions. The prompt was a necklace of green plastic beads. The beads
transformed themselves in my head into a rope of expensive green pearls, and The Green Pearl
Caper was born.

My first book has spawned three more, and the Damien Dickens Mysteries is now a four-book
series. The main characters are a husband-and-wife team of private investigators and the tone
is somewhere between cozy and noir. The series is set in the early 1980s. I am planning the fifth
book in the series, but haven’t yet started putting fingers to keyboard.

In addition to plotting and researching the fifth Damien Dickens Mystery, I am also researching
a prospective book on the pet food industry. I’m hoping to make progress on both projects
through the remainder of 2018.

If any of your readers would like to find out more about my writing, they can visit my website,
my Amazon Author page or my Facebook page at;

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Phyllis Entis Just won 2019 Award For the top female Author Award you can read the award in the top picture I attached the picture above.