Interview Author Karina Bartow

Interview Author   

Karina Bartow 

Q1. Tell us about yourself. What are your favorite books to read?

A. I grew up and still live in Northern Ohio, USA. Though born with Cerebral Palsy, I’ve never allowed my disability to define me. Rather, I’ve used my experiences to breathe life into characters who have physical limitations, but like me, are determined not to let them stand in the way of the life they want. My debut novel, Husband in Hiding, was released in 2015 and my latest, Forgetting My Way Back to You, came out last October.  I may only be able to type with one hand, but I write with my whole heart!  I enjoy reading love stories and mysteries

Q2. Where did the inspiration to write come from?

A. My mom took me to an author’s visit to our local library when I was nine and hearing her talk about her career just sparked something in me. Plus, I always excelled in language arts.

Q3. How did you come up with the titles of your books?

A. Husband in Hiding was fairly simple, since the story revolves around a detective’s husband, who, after meddling in her case, ends up hiding in witness protection to flee from the mafia.  Forgetting My Way Back to You took much more effort.  It follows high school sweethearts who reconnect after a ten-year estrangement. They enjoy the reunion neither expected, until she falls off a horse and develops selective amnesia, forgetting her love all together.  For years, I called it Forgiven but Forgotten until I developed their backstory.

Q4. Anything you're currently working in 2019?

A.  Yes, I’m writing a new mystery and am trying to find a publisher for the sequel to Husband in Hiding

Q5. How long have you been writing?

A. Almost eleven years.

Q6.  What advice would you like to give to other authors?

A. Just keep writing and trying. I gave up on Forgetting My Way Back to You for a while, but in time, everything came into place.

Q7. Where can we connect with you online?

A. My website, and you can follow me on Instagram (karina.bartow), Twitter (@karinabartow), or Facebook (

Q8. Do you plan on writing any more books in the future?

A. As long as I can think them up!

Q9. How many books have you written?

A. In total, seven and a half.

Q10. Did you go to college to be a writer?

A. No, but I took a college-level writing class in my senior year of high school.

Thank you so much for reaching out!

All the Best,
~Karina Bartow~