Interviewing Author Theresa Maue

Interviewing  Author Theresa Maue

Proposed Blog Post from Terri Maue

I’ve been in love with reading and writing all my life.  I have never gotten over the magic that happens when I decode little black marks on a piece of paper and am transported to another world.  I started writing when I was six or seven, inflicting my ‘poems’ on my parents and grandparents, who dutifully applauded and encouraged me.  

I write mysteries.  I’m sure I got my fascination with the genre from my dad, who loved Ellery Queen and Sherlock Holmes and others.  Mysteries are still my favorite genre, although I also enjoy historical fiction, the occasional biography, and poetry.  

I wanted to write a book when I was a teenager.  I wrote a few stories in my 20s and 30s, but parenthood and the need to make a living absorbed most of my time and energy.  In my late 40s, I decided to go to graduate school and study writing.  I hold a doctorate now, in English with a specialty in creative writing.  I retired from teaching in 2016, and now I am seriously focused on writing my mystery novel series.  I completed the first novel, Knife Edge, in 2018, and am now looking for an agent.  

My protagonist is a satirical columnist who wants to get into serious journalism.  I love that she is not an expert in detection.  She makes mistakes, takes foolish risks, and causes problems for herself, but she learns along the way.  In 2019, I’m working on Dark Mirror, the second novel in the series.  The titles suggest themselves, based on a crucial aspect of the novel.

The best advice I can give to other writers is to keep moving forward.  I let myself write total drek just to get ideas on the page.  I know I’ll be able to go back and revise later.  I wrote at least 10 versions of 

Knife Edge, and I’m probably not done.  The second-best advice I can give is to find a couple of good people who will ask questions and push you to think about your characters and your plot.  Grammar, spelling, and punctuation help can come later.


Terri Maue
Publicist, Las Vegas Writers Conference/Henderson Writers Group
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