Charlotte's web book vs movie.

I took these pictures. 

Charlotte's web book vs movie. 

Charlotte's web By E.B White is my favorite book ever.

I love the book because I love the friendship between Charlotte and Wilber who would have thought a spider and a pig could become best friends how cute is that. 

I love the movie too My favorite one is the classic cartoon version. I love all the songs in the movie and the barn animals and the characters.

The version with the real animals and people. with 
Dakota Fanning was ok but not my favorite but it is cute.  

But the book will always be my favorite.

I  Love E.B white and all his books he is one of my many favorite Authors. 

What I like about this book it teaches you what real friendship is.

This book is always a winner I love this book even though it has a sad and happy ending. 

I have a lot of E.B whites books and I just love each and every one. 

Looking for a good book to read this summer Charlottes Web by E.B. White is a good book to read your family will love it and so real you.

Charlotte's Web By E.B. White.  Charlotte's web is one of my many favorite books.

You can listen to the Full Audiobook on youtube for free here is the link

You can find this book on Amazon here is the link.