Interviewing Author Zoe Michal

Interviewing Author Zoe Michal

Q1.      Tell me about yourself.  What are your favorite books to read?


A. Well, I’m a wife, mom, writer, publisher, a full-time worker, vegetarian, and a positive thinker.  I love reading picture books that are kind of humorous with beautiful illustrations.  Some of my favorites are from Jon Muth (Zen Shorts), Jane O’Connor (Fancy Nancy), and Doreen Cronin (Duck for President).   I love books whose words can be life-changing, i.e., Dr. Bruce Lipton, Joel Osteen.   Some of my favorite writers are Malcolm Gladwell, Walter Isaacson, and Markus Zusak, among others.  My very favorite books are the Harry Potter series.  I still read them.  Sorry, I know this is a long answer, but it’s my favorite subject to discuss.


Q2.      When did you decide you were going to write a book?


A.I’ve always loved books, but I really never thought about writing one, until I had my daughter.


Q3.      How did you come up with the name of your books?


A. Each book is different.  Sometimes, I’m just sitting in a chair, and it will pop in my head.  Sometimes, I intentionally think about ideas.  Other times, I’ll wake up with an idea for a title.  Usually, the title comes first, then the book.


Q4.     What are you working on for 2020?


A. I’m getting ready to publish my second book, under my fledgling publishing company, Give Back Books.  It’s called, “Mission: Protect Bear.”  It tells the story of Bear and his three friends, Duck, Deer, and Skunk.  There are three days left in bear hunting season, and Bear has lost his voice, so he cannot roar to protect himself from the hunters.  His three friends rally around and protect him using their special animal abilities.  It is told from the skunk’s point of view, but you don’t know that until the end of the book.  Right now, I’m working on marketing for the book.  I am writing too.  That never stops.


Q5.      How long have you been writing?


A. I’ve always liked to write, but never really started writing until my daughter was born (18 years ago).


Q6.      What advice would you give others?


A. I would tell them to never give up, believe in their work, write and rewrite, take classes, be bold, and take chances.


Q7.      Where can people find you online?


A. On my website @,, or on - I’d love to hear from your audience.


Q8.      Do you plan on making more books in the future?


A. Yes.


Q9.      How many books have you written? 


A. I have many books written, only two published (so far).


Q10.   Did you go to college to be a writer?


A. No, but I’ve taken many writing classes through the years.