Interviewing Author Vaishnavi Mac


Vaishnavi Mac

1. Tell me about your self what are your favorite books to read?

Ans. I have always been an avid reader. The very look and smell of New paperback books would give me euphoria when I was a kid. My taste in reading changed with every decade and phase of my life. I started with Enid Blytons adventure books as a kid. Famous Five, secret 7, Nancy Drew, Hardy boys, My own local popular comic books and even Archies and then it was a phase of deep searching by 14 years of age. So some solid spiritual reading started by age 14. Bhagvad Gita, srimad Bhagvatam,  even Quran in English. Then by some supernatural experiences later, i read The Holy Bible. Also in between phases of Mills and Boons, And Sidney sheldons. Then later into real-life testimony biographic Novels like ' I dared to call him Father' by belquis sheikh, The torn veil, story of Gulshan Esther, The death of a Guru by Rabindranath maharaj. These days reading philosophical spiritual books By George Verwer like More drops and others. 

2.when did you decide you were going to write a book? 
Believe it or Not, an Australian Christian prophet Maria Mason, prophesied on me 2 years back. That i am going to be a writer/author. God wants you to do that and why haven't you yet she asked. I Never took it seriously even then though i loved writing, penning down things, and also have written short film scripts, poetry, and journals for my self. Finally this year during lockdown God had to use
 sangam Mitra das guptati  re-inspire me to start writing seriously. 

3. How did you come up with the name of your books?

Ans. This is truly inspired by God. Like one night I was meditating on the Hand that can't be seen but yet has done so much in My life and in others too. Then it struck me, why not, The Invisible Hand of God. 

4. What are you working on for 2020? 
Ans. My 1st book, The Invisible Hand of God. 

5. How long have you been writing?

Ans. Since childhood, journals, and poetry. One of them on the riots in India of the 1990s got published in a known Newspaper. Then scripts for short films I made and want to make and co-wrote a web series for a friend. Full fledge book writing I have just started. 

6. What advice would you give other authors? 

Ans. Not in a position to do that as a novice in writing. But yes as a reader I will say you carry a great responsibility like even a filmmaker does. Their medium is the camera. Yours are your words which are very powerful. Please use it wisely to help people especially in today's difficult times when people are feeling so low and depressed that they even take harsh steps of suicide. As authors every story no matter how dark the theme, it must give a ray of hope to the reader somewhere.

7.where can people find you online?

Ans. My website on google:

And instagram link:

Fb link:

8. Do you plan on making more books in the future?

Ans. Yes. already I have a title for my next, The Invisible Heart of God. 

9. How many books have you written?

Ans. This is My 1st.

10. did you go to college to be a writer?

Ans. My life is my story. And for that, No one needs to go to a college. In fact that itself is a part of my story. 


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