Interviewing Author Jarred Stanton

Interviewing Author  Jarred Stanton

Q1. Tell me about your self? 

A. I'm Jarred Stanton from Mobile, Alabama born and raised. I'm a 23-year-old speaker, author, poet, and city league sports coach. I've spoken at a handful of schools in my area from elementary to high school students. My focus is on self-esteem and bullying to build a better tomorrow. I have been writing for a very long time and it eventually became my biggest aspiration. I coach city league football and basketball in my surrounding community. In 2017 I graduated from Remington College with an Associate's Degree. I work a full-time job as a Utility Wastewater Operator but my ultimate goal is writing and speaking.

Q2.What are your favorite books to read?

A. I love murder mysteries and suspense 

Q3. When did you decide you were going to write a book? 

A. When I was in High School I decided I wanted to be an Author/Poet

Q4. How did you come up with the name of your book?

A.  All of my titles just really come to me randomly (I've written 6 books thus far)

Q5. What are you working on for 2021?

A. I'm currently working on a book called, "See What I See". The book is about being grateful and giving the readers a look into the lives of others who are less fortunate. Hopefully, it'll be ready to be released by 2021 and I'm really pushing for my latest children's book to gain the right amount of exposure. 

Q6. How long have you been writing? 

A. I've always been good at writing and enjoyed it. I actually titled myself a writer around my sophomore year of high school.

Q7.What advice would you give other authors? 

A. FIND YOUR AUDIENCE EARLY, never give up because your book isn't selling like you want. Even if your book is a gem you still have to be patient. Be careful with paying for promotion. 

Q8. Where can people find you online? 

A. Facebook: Jarred Stanton (Promising Daydreamers)

Instagram: _lastdaystanton_

Q9. What is your favorite coffee drink?

 A. I stopped drinking coffee as a child. Lol, I loved to drink it with my grandparents and watch Price Is Right. 

10. What is your favorite coffee shop? 

A. Starbucks has good cake pops 

Q11. Do you plan on making a new book in the future? 

A. Currently working on my most stressful project to date, but it'll be worth it when I finish. 

Q12. How many books have you written? 

A. 6. 3 Poetry, 1 Self-Help, 2 Children's 

Q13. Did you go to college to be a writer? 

A. I wanted to but I eventually ended up going to technical school