interviewing Author Joan Selig

 1.  My name is Joan Selig, I am 65, divorced, have 5 grown children and 10 grandchildren. I live in the Orlando, Florida area and just recently retired from Disney.  I am a Christian. active in my church in worship, and love the outdoors.

2.  I like series books such as Janette Oaks, books from Danielle Steele, and Star Wars books.

3.  I decided to write Shepherd's Haven when I was trying to open a real Shepherd's Haven to help the homeless.

4.  Shepherd's Haven is the name of the homeless facility I would like to open.

5.  I hope to write a sequel to Shepherd's Haven. 

6.  Shepherd's Haven is my only book.  I am not a professional writer.

7.  Write about what you know and am passionate about.

8.  My outline is not available.

9.  I drink tea, not coffee.

10. Starbucks.

11.  Yes, I hope to write a sequel to Shepherd's Haven.

12.  1

13.  No, I didn't go to college to learn to write.