Interviewing Author Kimberley O'Malley


1. Tell me about yourself?
 I am a wife, Mom, Soccer Mom, Dog Mom, Psych RN, and writer--not necessarily in that order. I am originally from Scranton, Pa (home of The Office) who now lives in NC. I have lived in 3 states and 2 countries. I would wear flip-flops every day if the weather allowed.

2.What are your favorite books to read?
I love to read contemporary romance and romantic suspense. My favorite books all have a HEA and do not end in a cliffhanger.

3. When did you decide you were going to write a book?
I wrote my first book in 2002. I did not set out to become a writer. My husband and I were in the middle of adopting our daughter from Russia. The wait became torturous. One day, I came home from work and poured out my frustrations into my computer. Coming Home was born. In about 3 weeks, I wrote over 100, 000 words. After many revisions, I finally published COming Home in 2017.

4. How did you come up with the name of your book?
The titles generally come easily for me and often before I have written the book.

5. What are you working on for 2021
I'm not quite sure. I have a new CR series that I just started, so I hope to write one or more books for that. One I have already started. I also hope to write another two books in my Cozy Mystery series.

6. How long have you been writing?
I have been published since 2017 but started writing in 2002.

7.What advice would you give other authors?
Never give up. Write every day, even if it's just a few words. Learn from others and take what works for you.

8. Where can people find you online?




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9. What is your favorite coffee drink?
Oddly enough, I do not drink coffee. I do love Hot Chocolate...with the little marshmallows.

10. What is your favorite coffee shop?
See above...I do not like Starbucks, as I find their hot chocolate bitter. I do love Panera and often write there.

11. Do you plan on making a new book in the future?
I have more ideas for books than years left in my life most likely...

12. How many books have you written?
I have published 12 as of this week. I have plans for many more.

13. Did you go to college to be a writer?
I did not. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology. I then went to nursing school at 40.