Interviewing Author Dr. Eurita Taylor

1. Tell me about yourself.
My name is Dr. Eurita Taylor. I was born in the Caribbean Island of Antigua. I moved alone to New
Jersey when I was seventeen years old to experience life beyond what Antigua could offer. I have
always loved numbers, so I pursued accounting. Fulfilling God’s call on my life, I now work as an
auditor by day and a Christian counselor by night. As a divorced mother of three sons, I enjoy reading,
writing, and tennis when time permits.

2. What are your favorite books to read?
My favorite and most-inspiring book was written by Vanessa Miller Pierce. Her Christian fiction novel,
Through the Storm, gave me hope when I was hopeless. I enjoy reading everything by Kimberla
Lawson Roby.

3. Please tell us about your book and what it is about.
His Strength in My Weakness: A Journey of Brokenness, Breakthrough, and Transformation defines
the worst and best experiences of my life. As a child, I endured sexual and physical abuse from family
members. These tragedies sent me on a lifelong trajectory of abuse, abandonment, and
homelessness, until God snatched me out of the pit and positioned me in the palace. I returned to Him
for restoration and rejuvenation. He did that and more by revealing His purpose for me.

4. What are you working on for 2022?
I am working on the sequel for His Strength in My Weakness. It is scheduled to release the first quarter
of 2022. I am very excited about it.

5. What advice would you give other authors?
Ask questions. I did not know much about publishing and marketing. As a result, I made mistakes that
cost me time and money. Despite the challenges, I encourage you to not give up. This business is hard
work, but satisfaction comes when you look at your art, know that you created something beautiful, and
change the lives of readers.

6. What is your favorite drink and snack when you are reading a book?

I love to eat white grapes when I read. Sometimes I eat Cheetos, but then my messy fingers stain the
pages. My drink: Sprite or Sunkist.

7. What is your favorite coffee drink?
I do not drink coffee.

8. What is your favorite bookstore and coffee shop?
My favorite bookstore is Family Christian Bookstore because it has just about everything I need
including a quiet atmosphere. Plus, they do free monograms. Since I’m not a coffee drinker, I don’t
spend much time in coffee shops.

9. Did you go to college to be a writer?
Funny you asked that. I obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting and earned a PhD in
Christian Counseling. Writing is a divine gift from God.

10. Where can people find you online?
My website is My handle on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter is @DrEuritaTaylor. 


  1. Welcome to my book tour. Thank you for stopping by. Be inspired as you read about the goodness of God, while knowing He can do the same for you. Follow me for updates on future writings and events. Listen to Unleashing Unlimited Power by Dr. Eurita Taylor where podcast are heard. Thank you!!!

  2. Congrats, Dr. Eurita! You let God use your pain as a tool to propel women to purpose.


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